• 24 NOVEMBER 2010

    This was the Apps Marathon

    Landmark event appsmarathon.eu indicates the start of the mobile development era in Belgium.

    The appsmarathon.eu event, organized by MobileMonday Brussels, will remain in the memory for a long time, because it has crystallized in one evening the hopes, doubts and enthusiasm of a new wave of Belgian mobile developers. Just the market numbers on Smartphone in Belgium -presented in exclusivity – was such a defining moment showing a conversion trend from normal phones to smartphones (over 113% growth in last 7 months alone).

    The event was a technology show-case in itself:
    In the room 6 different screens providing animated videos, two twitter walls beaming the tweets that were coming from the audience and from outside. Three cameras, a robust SDSL network and a streaming team provided a quality internet stream of the event viewable on PC, iphone and Android . An open wifi hotspot enabled the 200+ audience to tweet without limits. Presentations and demos were beamed on the screen.

    The numbers:
    410 unique visitors stream ( ¼ via iphone)
    206 mins of content by 22 speakers
    A present audience of 200
    750 tweets (and more after the event)
    80 foursquare check ins

    The atmosphere has been captured in some tweets, using tags like #respect #fun #great #got to meet @personA and @personB

    In the online feedback questionnaire, the presentations from Koen Delvaux and Serge Jespers came out as top. The noise level in the room was seen as a negative element. Suggestion for later event is to look at more interactivity like providing a Q&A session, and moderating the twitterwall.

    The presentations and videos are online at /presentations #appsma with some presentations already viewed over 700 times.

    Press (first page of national magazine La Libre) and blog reports related the event as well as Twizz radio. Links:

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